Yuliana took her first yoga class in LA. The challenge of it humbled and intrigued her.  After moving to New York City in 2007, she finally arrived on the mat to commit to a practice, unaware of how this would change and shape her life. As her teacher has said many times, she came to yoga because of a need but has kept returning because of a discovered need. It was after her first novel, "A Shred of Hope" was published in 2011 that the need became paramount to handling the stress of traveling and promoting her book. This experience of the yoga helping her to handle all challenges has shaped her as teacher. The profound lessons of focus, patience, and a willingness 'to be' was the fuel to help her finish writing her second novel. 

In all of her classes, regardless of style, is focused on a thoughtful flow with an emphasis on alignment, focused breathing, and finding the joy of being in our bodies. First and foremost, she views her job as providing a space for her students to find stillness in their minds, freedom in their bodies, and perhaps healing what is meant to be healed. Marrying her two careers as a writer and yoga teacher/therapist, she tries to convey the love she has for the discoveries and stories that can be found on the mat, each nugget helping to make sense of the endless stories within all of us.

She completed her 500 RYT and is 200 ERYT and YACEP certified. For the past two years she has been enrolled at Prema Yoga Institute, working towards her certification as a Yoga Therapist under IAYT.  She currently works with private clients at Pure Yoga, utilizing all of her training as a yoga therapist. She makes sure each session is tailored to meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of each client. She teaches group classes at numerous Equinox studios around New York City. Her classes range from power yoga, vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and restorative yoga. She previously worked at Kula for Karma as a New York City Program Director.




I didn’t understand what it meant to “practice” yoga until I took Yuliana’s class. As an avid runner and fitness junkie I never considered yoga more than a great stretch; I thought it lacked the depleting, mind-numbing, and exhaustive nature of other forms of exercise. It wasn’t long after stepping into Yuliana’s studio that I realized I was completely wrong. Not only has my body changed, growing stronger and more flexible, but my ability to quiet my mind and cope with stress and anxiety has increased tenfold. I used to workout to beat myself down. Now I practice self-acceptance, patience, and humility whether I’m on the mat or running or riding the subway, because it’s possible to work hard and be kind to oneself. It’s possible to push yourself to your edge and reflect on where you’ve been. Yuliana’s class will kick your butt, but it’s okay because (in her words) you are stronger than you know.

- Grace W

Yuliana was one of the first yoga teachers I ever trusted. Her expertise in alignment and vast knowledge of the yogic practice is deep. I was not comfortable in my own body when I first started practicing with her but even in a packed classroom, she managed to make me feel safe, comfortable and cared for — all the while challenging me to go beyond what I thought was possible. Fast forward three years later and I’m a yoga teacher myself and I know I would never have found my way of it weren’t for Yuliana and for that, I’m so grateful. 

- Kim T

I started private instruction with Yuliana to deal with a back problem. I’ve been with her almost a year and her energy, intelligence, creativity and unique ability to correct and guide me through my practice has moved me towards a lifetime of Yoga. Thanks, Yuliana! 

- Fred G

I just started working with Yuliana, but I wanted to share that her emphasis on alignment and her dedication to healing what can be healed during our few sessions so far has already decreased the intensity of pain I endure daily due to lower back issues.

- Hourig G

I just started working with Yuliana, but I wanted to share that her emphasis on alignment and her dedication to healing what can be healed during our few sessions so far has already decreased the intensity of pain I endure daily due to lower back issues.

- Lauren J 

I recently began working privately with Yuliana.  As a result of chronic back issues that are easily aggravated with any form of exercise, I greatly appreciate her consistent attention to all aspects of my practice which impact pain. 

Yuliana’s approach is always flexible and on target; she pushes appropriately, which allows me to see steady gratifying progress, and readily dials it back, working more gently, when my symptoms are acting up. It is always a great pleasure to spend an hour with Yuliana - she is at once soulful and thoughtful (even her music is carefully curated), light hearted and generous. 

I feel fortunate for our work together. 

- Laurie S

As my mentor, Yuliana has encouraged me to grow not just as a yoga teacher, but as a student and a yogini. Her integrity is second to none -- teaching, living and practicing all in an authentic way that truly enables her to connect with her students and fellow teachers, gaining their respect wherever she goes. Yuliana is a true master and I consider myself extremely fortunate to practice with and learn from her.

- Hannah Slocum, NYC and Raleigh-Durham based yoga teacher. Instagram: @HannahSlocs